In the elegant and refined surroundings of the restaurant Colette, our chef Philippe Colinet invites you to discover his delicious and aesthetically pleasing dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Today the focus is on the exquisite and healthful green nectar we call olive oil.

Philippe Colinet is not only the chef of the Colette restaurant at your Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez, but has quickly become its soul, too. What’s more, you can follow him on social networks!

An aromatic cup of coffee and a plate of mouth-watering viennoiseries stand ready on the immaculate tablecloth while you bite into a slice of crisp toast smothered with apricot jam from the Maison des Confitures. You’re enjoying another blissful start to the day, courtesy of the Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez!

Our chef Philippe Colinet delights in discovering and establishing relationships with artisans and producers who maintain typically Provençal traditions. Here we present a brief introduction to one of them: Loïc de Saleneuve.