New and exciting for 2020, our restaurant Colette has welcomed a new chef: Philippe Colinet. A Tropézien at heart for several years now, he brings his skilled and creative touch to the restaurant of your Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez, whose values he shares. His arrival has made quite an impact ...

This year, once again, the Sezz Saint Tropez will be offering you a season of live music performances to accompany your dinners and evenings every Thursday evening at Restaurant Colette throughout the summer.

Dom Pérignon... The very name is evocative, making ears prick up and eyes sparkle. The taste buds tingle in anticipation as the hand reaches towards a flute of pale gold effervescing with delicate bubbles. The dream is very real; you are on the terrace of the Colette restaurant and, to accompany your tasting of Dom Pérignon, we're going to tell you a story. His story.

Although famous all over the world, Saint-Tropez retains its original spirit; that of a small fishing village with a strong Provencal character. That it’s been able to preserve its authenticity is in large part due to associations such as Esprit Village that unite key elements in the town and help to maintain its vibrancy throughout the seasons.