Or, to be precise, the garden comes to Colette! The garden in question is the Jardin de la Piboule, in Cogolin. Between the Mediterranean Sea and the Massif des Maures, a committed market gardener cultivates fruit and vegetables in harmony with nature. This is the produce that is found in the kitchens of the Colette restaurant, where the chef and his team work with love and precision.
Saint-Tropez is known for its enchanting turquoise waters, its long sandy beaches peppered with striped loungers, and its small coves linked by picturesque coastal paths. But what gives the resort its flavour, its unique taste? It’s the tarte tropézienne, of course!
The summer is ending, the kids are back in school and the rest of us have returned to work. But it’s not all gloom when we can bring a little sunshine back into our lives with a flavoursome treat. So, to ease the changing of the seasons we at the Colette are pleased to offer you our recipe for rum baba. Make, indulge and enjoy!
The menu of the restaurant Colette is dressed in the colours of summer, with fresh and full flavours blending Mediterranean ingredients and style with that of Japan's distant shores with audacity and joyous creativity. And since we believe in making the most of those flavours, to the delight of your taste buds, we offer to help you choose the wine that best suits your dish and, of course, your preferences!
The Restaurant Colette belongs to the sumptuous 5-star Sezz Saint Tropez, a design hotel overlooking Canebiers Bay and just 3 km from the centre of Saint-Tropez. Did you enjoy your meal at the Colette? Then, why not make this relaxing interlude last a little longer by spending the night in a comfortable room at the Sezz?