At the Restaurant Colette, we love beautiful cuisine and the finest ingredients. To bring out the best in all flavours, it’s good to choose the side dishes and garnishes that will enhance them and complement their qualities. Here are some very appetising accompaniments that will add the perfect finishing touch to your meat or fish dishes.
Following its traditional winter break the Restaurant Colette is ready to welcome you for a new season of gastronomic delights featuring new flavours, a top team and a chef who is always at the peak of his culinary art. We hope to count you among the many delighted diners who have enjoyed our refined gourmet cuisine. To find out what’s new on our menu, don’t miss the reopening of the Restaurant Colette from April 20th!
The Restaurant Colette continues to please passionate piscivores! If you’re a lover of the fine flavours of fish, bear in mind that our menu offers no less than five dishes featuring fish that have been freshly caught, so they still have the full measure of flavour and succulently delicate flesh. Our original and creative recipes will take your taste buds on a voyage across seas and oceans.
Lamb lovers will be delighted to learn that their favourite delicious meat is in the spotlight at the Restaurant Colette. Ours comes straight from Provence and has all the goodness of the region’s terroir, a definite guarantee of excellence.
The Restaurant Colette gives a little tip of the chapeau to the culinary traditions of nearby Italy by offering a selection of delicious pasta dishes for you to enjoy! Our chef invites you to share his ‘Pasta Passion’ by indulging in the simple yet stylish pleasures of his tasty pasta creativity.
At the restaurant Colette, chef Nicolas Gautier presents gastronomic cuisine that is inspired by the wonderful Provence region and its delicious produce. This authentic cuisine combines texture, flavour and colour, and our chef composes sublime dishes that boldly offer a taste of the Mediterranean in keeping with the seasons. These delicious dishes are best served with certain wines and our chef suggests a selection here.