A Perfect Gourmet Treat: Philippe Colinet's Madeleine

A Perfect Gourmet Treat: Philippe Colinet's Madeleine

The Colette restaurant in Saint-Tropez closes its doors during the winter. The teams take this opportunity to recharge, and Chef Colinet maintains his connections with local producers and artisans. He also experiments with new recipes that he enjoys sharing with you. This month, the Madeleine takes center stage...


Philippe's Madeleine

A true symbol of rediscovered childhood sensations, the madeleine is both generous and simple. Yet, achieving that soft texture, golden exterior, and subtle balance of butter and sugar is a feat. The madeleine is also delightful plain, enhanced with a hint of lemon zest, or adorned with more unique flavors for those unafraid to break with tradition. This month, Philippe Colinet, a proponent of flavorful and refined cuisine, presents his interpretation of the madeleine...


Philippe Colinet's Recipes: A Connection Between Us

For the Colette restaurant team, the relationship with guests goes beyond serving dinner or lunch. Indeed, the chef and his team have much more to share: a passion, the discovery of a terroir, craftsmanship... That's why the team, especially Chef Colinet, is very active on social media. The monthly publication of a recipe, like the Madeleine, is an opportunity to share our passion and take you along with us into our kitchens. We look forward to welcoming you back when the restaurant reopens on May 3, 2024.


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