We were all waiting for it and here, at last, it is; the new menu of the Colette restaurant has been unveiled by our chef Nicolas Gautier. A menu dressed in the colours of summer, the mere evocation of which awakens the taste buds.

“Magical”, “dream décor”, “well looked after”, “exquisite desserts”, “succulent dishes” ... The comments you left us on Tripadvisor warm our hearts. What a pleasure it is to have the privilege to please you!

The mimosas are adding a dash of colour to the coast, a sign that spring is not so far away. And with the spring comes a new season full of promise at the Restaurant Colette! Promise made deliciously tangible by our chef, Nicolas Gautier.
Let's dispel any possibility of confusion. Although there are plenty of great things to say about it, the film Colette, to be released next January, is not about our restaurant. Rather, it deals with the life of the one to whom we pay homage; Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, a woman of letters, but also and especially, a liberated woman.
Or, to be precise, the garden comes to Colette! The garden in question is the Jardin de la Piboule, in Cogolin. Between the Mediterranean Sea and the Massif des Maures, a committed market gardener cultivates fruit and vegetables in harmony with nature. This is the produce that is found in the kitchens of the Colette restaurant, where the chef and his team work with love and precision.