The magic of Aurélien's desserts

The magic of Aurélien's desserts

Nestled in the heart of Saint-Tropez, the starred restaurant Colette is an invitation to indulge. Its chef, Philippe Colinet, offers a refined and produce-centred cuisine that is resolutely aesthetic. Our chef pâtissier Aurélien Wargny looks after the desserts side of the menu. He shares the same values as Philippe and offers sublime creations that prove to be simply irresistible. Come and taste them!


Enhancing the produce

The two chefs of the Colette restaurant share the same ambition of offering their diners the finest local produce and ingredients. For his desserts, Aurélien therefore works around three constituent elements of the Provençal gourmet identity: lemon, peach and tomato. For each, he showcases flavours and textures to create a fulfilling experience for the senses. What’s more, due to his passionate commitment to zero waste, he also makes the most of elements that are usually neglected, such as fruit skins, and derives unexpected and surprising flavours from them.


Complete experiences

Each dessert thus becomes an adventure. Lemon, picked in the garden of the Hôtel Sezz, comes in creamy and candied flavours, spiced up with meringue, and samphire, picked the same day, as well as spirulina. Peach is available in all its forms, poached, in a sorbet and in the form of an emulsion. As for the tomatoes from the Jardin de la Piboule, these reveal all their sweetness when poached in a Madagascar vanilla syrup. This garnishes caramel choux, refreshed with olive oil ice cream for roundness and spiced up with a crunchy tuile made from the skins… An experience for all the senses!


The desserts of the Colette restaurant tell a story: that of the passion of Aurélien Wargny and Philippe Colinet for the gourmet wonders of Provence. From the perspective of zero waste and with a desire to use all the richness of a land full of surprises, they create desserts that serve as the grand finale of delicate and surprising meals...  


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