The zero waste commitment

The zero waste commitment

If chef Philippe Colinet has helped the Colette restaurant earn and keep its Michelin star, it's undoubtedly thanks to his creativity, expertise and unique way of sublimating Mediterranean produce. But the chef's commitment doesn't stop there. Aware of environmental issues, he is working towards an increasingly ethical and sustainable gastronomy. This includes zero waste.


Zero waste: a different approach to cooking

The best waste is the waste we don't produce. To avoid waste, packaging and transport, Philippe Colinet maintains a network of local artisans and producers who supply him with the basic ingredients for his dishes. Fruit and vegetables, as well as shellfish, come from nearby farms, while local artisanal fishermen offer their fish. Philippe Colinet has also planted the Hôtel Sezz gardens with aromatic herbs and lemon trees, which supply his kitchen on a daily basis. Finally, the daily gathering of wild herbs also offers infinite taste possibilities without harming the environment. 


Nothing goes to waste

Zero waste is also a wonderful opportunity to work with products in a new way. For example, Philippe Colinet seeks to use every part of a food, even what is usually thrown away. The example of the tomato is particularly revealing. Offered as a starter, it is prepared with its seeds to play on textures. For dessert, a crunchy tuile made from the skin of the fruit/vegetable is added. Surprising and delicious, this more sustainable and ethical way of cooking also opens up incredible gustatory perspectives. 

With his uncluttered, plant-based cuisine, sublimating fresh, local and seasonal produce, Colette's chef Philippe Colinet is also committed to proposing more environmentally-friendly gastronomy, including zero waste.


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