This is the story of a house, like no other.

... of a restaurant on the shores of the Mediterranean.

... of a writer, a chef, and a venue filled with sunshine and joy. The sun against your skin, the waves gently rolling in the background, and an art of living, unique to Saint-Tropez.

In the mid-1920s, an inherently liberated female writer and journalist came across the little fishing village of Saint-Tropez by chance, a favourite among painters and artists, who loved its gentle soul and authenticity. Her name was Colette. Neighbouring the 5-star Hotel Sezz facing the Baie des Canebiers, at the adored house of La Treille Muscate, in the shade of wisteria, Colette hosted some of the greatest figures of her time. They enjoyed dishes cooked with vegetables from the kitchen garden.

This philosophy is now that of Philippe Colinet, chef of the 5* Hotel Sezz restaurant, named after this prestigious writer and friend of Saint-Tropez.

His cuisine resonates with the spirit of the compellingly free-spirited writer, who was only the second woman to be made a member of the Academie Goncourt. Simplicity is transformed into expertise, always faithful to the produce and to Philippe Colinet's close relationship with his suppliers.


"My first memories ? I must have been three years old...", explains the man who, in the summer of 2020, reopened this unique restaurant with his first Michelin star. His childhood memories are of summers travelling down south, of fruit and vegetable sellers, and the unique flavour of peaches, apricots and tomatoes in season. Simple, natural flavours, which this chef, who previously worked in Le Loiret - where Colette also had a house - incorporates into his dishes using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Philippe Colinet's approach is based primarily on learing about his ingredients, how they are grown, how they are cultivated, through in-depth discussions with local market gardeners, fishermen and livestock farmers. Whether a simple tomato, a Mediterranean oyster collected at Tamaris, squid, red mullet, or poivrade artichokes, this exclusive bond between the produce, the producers and the chef is what allows it to be transformed in the kitchen.

Philippe Colinet knows that, like a piece of fine jewellery, an ingredient is nothing without the elements that surround it. He is particularly fond of foraging for edible herbs and flowers. These include Sea fennel found along the beach next to the Sezz, as well as blackberries, wild fennel and burnet, all of which feature prominently in his culinary repertoire. Today Hotel Sezz has its own herb garden.


In homage to Colette who fell in love with this rugged little corner of Provence, the Restaurant of Hotel Sezz captures this magnificent venue's DNA. Refined decor, with a love for light, blurring the lines between the interior and exterior.

Underlying this seeming simplicity, every detail has been carefully considered, just as Chef Colinet's culinary creations are conceived. Fascinated by the bountiful produce of Provence and the sea, he draws his inspiration from local artisans and producers to create exciting new dishes that highlight the flavours of the region.



For Chef Colinet, working with local producers is much more than a simple choice. Since he moved to Saint Tropez, he makes the most of the winter months and the days when Restaurant Colette is closed to explore the region and meet local farmers, breeders, fishers and oyster farmers. His desire for quality, along with his concern for the environment, is what have inspired his finest creations.

Colette Saint-Tropez - Restaurant Informations

The Restaurant Colette seats up to 45 guests on the terrace or 30 indoors. It’s an ideal location for your business lunch or meals with family and friends.

Colette Saint-Tropez - Restaurant

Free Parking

Colette Saint-Tropez - Restaurant

Free Parking Valet Service

Colette Saint-Tropez - Restaurant

High Speed Free Wifi (fiber optic)

Colette Saint-Tropez - Restaurant

Dogs are welcome

Colette Saint-Tropez - Restaurant

Musical evenings from
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM during high season

Colette Saint-Tropez - Restaurant

From 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Our restaurant is closed every Monday and Tuesday evening. Open 7/7 in July and August.


Colette Saint-Tropez - Restaurant

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