Instagram is a link between us

Instagram is a link between us

If you’re a fan of social networks, perhaps you discovered the Colette restaurant of the Hôtel Sezz de Saint-Tropez on Instagram. However, we do not consider our account solely as a means of promoting our hotel but, more importantly, as a link that unites us, allowing us to get to know each other better and to share emotions and experiences…


Find out about us

Of course, on our account you will find our news, opening dates, photos of the dishes prepared by Philippe Colinet, the awarding of our Michelin star, and the other key moments that have enriched the season. However, above all we seek to share what it is that forms our character and inspires our originality. Thus, we present our teams to you in group photos, candid shots, and videos telling anecdotes and capturing fun moments, showing how the team functions and the closeness that we have established. They also demonstrate our commitment to offering you a particular setting, atmosphere and, above all, exceptional cuisine. Simplicity and aesthetics, rigor and humour and... superb dining. It’s all on our Instagram account!


Let’s share our experiences

Our Instagram account is also yours. You will find comments from our guests, anecdotes that you share and stories of your experiences at the Colette restaurant. Philippe Colinet reveals some of his recipes and shows his connections with producers in the region. Courtesy of our Food & Beverage manager, you can discover advice on tableware, wine service and even the presentation of dishes. Finally, our cellar section lets you discover subtle food and wine pairings and the vintages that have a story to tell.


To help ensure that our encounters are more than just a meal, check in with the Colette restaurant Instagram account. It’s something we can share between us that will help to preserve this beautiful bond and extend the experience of a dinner in Saint-Tropez!


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