First feedback on Philippe Colinet, new chef at the Colette

First feedback on Philippe Colinet, new chef at the Colette

New and exciting for 2020, our restaurant Colette has welcomed a new chef: Philippe Colinet. A Tropézien at heart for several years now, he brings his skilled and creative touch to the restaurant of your Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez, whose values he shares. His arrival has made quite an impact ...


Philippe Colinet and the Sezz Saint-Tropez; a perfect union

The Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez, described by the French writer and food critic Gilles Pudlowski as “… An art de vivre symbolising tranquillity, discretion and comfort without gilding” is an apt description of the ideal setting for starred chef Philippe Colinet's cuisine. However, he does not “… Raise a media hubbub” as the food critic Jacques Gantié expresses it in his culinary blog, but instead offers a cuisine based on seasonality and local produce. “Simplicity and honesty on the plate” are, according to the Email Gourmand website, the watchwords of Philippe’s new menu.


Philippe Colinet and Saint-Tropez

Having developed his culinary artistry in the Touraine region, Philippe Colinet has taken advantage of his years spent in Saint-Tropez to forge links with the best producers in our area. The vegetables of Yann Ménard and his Jardin de la Piboule in Cogolin and the seafood of Rémy in Cavalaire are his main sources of inspiration. So it is that his starter of Cogolin fennel, rope-grown mussels and capers received a big thumbs-up from Gilles Pudlowski, and Jacques Gantié goes on to praise “… His tomatoes, translucent and candied with anchovies and salad rocket shoots, little stars found with lightly grilled squid, violin courgettes, cogolinoises and garlic pâte with squid ink”. No fuss, snobbery or over-sophistication, but simply “… Summer gastronomy that hits the mark”.

Barely a few months after arriving, Philippe Colinet already seems to have won over the critics. Now, we look forward to your feedback!



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