Loïc de Saleneuve and his delicious cheeses

Loïc de Saleneuve and his delicious cheeses

On the tables of the restaurant Colette and amidst the breakfast buffet offered by your Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez you will find the finest of our region's produce. Our chef Philippe Colinet delights in discovering and establishing relationships with artisans and producers who maintain typically Provençal traditions. Here we present a brief introduction to one of them: Loïc de Saleneuve.


Loïc de Saleneuve, his goats and a lot of passion

Take a bite of the exquisite goat’s cheese made by Loïc de Saleneuve and a whole landscape and a wealth of sensations come instantly to mind: the dappled shade cast by chestnut trees where goats frolic in total freedom, the sweetness of life in the Var hinterland where people take the time to chat and get to know each other, the values of a self-taught artisan who respects the land, its animals and its ancestral savoir-faire and wishes to pass it on. The combination of the skills of our chef Philippe Colinet and those of the inspired cheesemaker Loïc de Saleneuve could only produce miracles...


Goatherd, poet and magician

Loïc de Saleneuve is one of those people who enchant everyday life. This former rugby player who fell in love with this corner of Provence raises his goats with humility and passion. Entirely committed to organic and eco-responsible agriculture, he is constantly seeking ways to make the most of his land and give back to it. He’s also a poet in his spare time. The wholesome milk of his free-range animals imbues his cheeses with intense and deep flavours for you to discover with each bite. And if you want to meet Loïc de Saleneuve, you can find him at his stall at the Saint-Tropez farmers’ market.

Our beautiful region welcomes committed producers who are respectful of their environment and get the best from their land. The chef of the restaurant Colette here at the Hotel Sezz meets them, listens to them, and offers you their produce. Don't miss Loïc de Saleneuve's cheese platter at our breakfast buffet!



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