Follow Chef Colinet on Instagram!

Follow Chef Colinet on Instagram!

Philippe Colinet is not only the chef of the Colette restaurant at your Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez, but has quickly become its soul, too. His love of fine produce, his attention to detail, his sense of aesthetics and his passion for meeting the artisans and producers of our region place him at the forefront of his art. What’s more, you can follow him on social networks!


Chef Colinet on Instagram: passion and gourmet discoveries

Even during the annual closed period of the Colette restaurant and the Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez, chef Colinet remains very active on social networks and in particular on Instagram. He will share with you his most beautiful culinary creations, as well as the wonderful produce of his garden, special moments spent with his kitchen team, and his gourmet discoveries. His photos, with their sober and tasteful aesthetic, emphasise the appearance of the colours, compositions and textures of each food item. A simple fig becomes a true visual delight as well as an invitation to dream and, of course, to taste!


A chef’s journey

Through the content he shares on Instagram, we can witness the journey of a passionately committed creator. Chef Colinet, who arrived in Saint-Tropez several years ago after establishing his reputation in prestigious establishments in Touraine and Paris, quickly established relationships with the best local artisans. Attentive to the rhythm of the seasons, to production methods and the perpetuation of savoir-faire, he expresses in his stories the love of flavours that he conveys so eloquently with his dishes. An ideal way to spend some time while you await the reopening of the Colette restaurant in April, Philippe Colinet’s Instagram profile is an invitation to contemplation and discovery...

Of course, there’s no real substitute for the refined and warm ambiance of the Colette terrace at the Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez, nor the fascinating experience of savouring the dishes of Chef Colinet. However, allowing you to dream and anticipate, Chef Colinet's Instagram stories offer a taste of paradise...



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