The seasonal menu of your Colette restaurant in Saint-Tropez

The seasonal menu of your Colette restaurant in Saint-Tropez

Upon his arrival early this year at the Colette restaurant of your Hotel Sezz in Saint-Tropez, our new chef Philippe Colinet immediately set the tone with a refined cuisine of purity and integrity. In each of his dishes he focusses on local and, of course, seasonal produce and ingredients. That’s why the menu changes approximately every three weeks. Have you seen the latest one?


All the flavours of the season at your restaurant in Saint-Tropez

Summer is slowly coming to an end and the selection of fruits and vegetables available is changing with the turn of the seasons. The deliciously sweet flesh of peaches gives way to the rich, mellow taste of figs, while the fresh, firm courgettes of July and August yield their place to the powerful, earthy flavours of porcini mushrooms. For Philippe Colinet, it would be unthinkable to work with anything other than fresh and perfectly ripe produce of exceptional quality.


All of Provence on your plate

Chef Colinet finds inspiration in exceptional produce, the cornucopia of Provence. Let his new menu tempt you with its porcini mushrooms, presented raw in a creamy champignon gnocchi. This combination of sweetness and powerful flavours offers the ideal complement to the freshness of September. Then, how about figs for dessert accompanied by their puff pastry, fresh hazelnuts, a fig sorbet and candied lemons? A subtle and perfectly balanced mixture of sugar and acidity, crunchy and melting... Of course, you can continue to enjoy fresh summer produce for a few more weeks yet, including tomatoes, artichokes and mirabelle plums.

Chef Colinet makes it a point of honour to renew his menu with the changing of the seasons. Come and savour the best of Provence on the terrace of your Colette restaurant in the heart of the elegant designer haven that is the Hotel Sezz in Saint-Tropez!



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