Three chefs to delight you

Three chefs to delight you

Some chefs never leave their kitchen and stay in their own universe. On the contrary, Philippe Colinet, chef of the starred restaurant Colette, finds inspiration through meetings. It is from this desire to exchange and share that the six-handed dinners were born. Don't miss this meeting on May 6 between the chefs of the Château de Berne and the Hotel Sezz and its restaurant Colette. 


Louis Rameau, Eric Raynal and Philippe Colinet, six hands and three stars (including one green one)

The first two are respectively chef and pastry chef at Château de Berne, a Relais et Château in the Provencal hinterland. The third brought the restaurant Colette its first star and is experimenting in the Sezz hotel with a vegetal and pure gastronomy. Together, they share a love of the product, an interest in the producer, his know-how and his methods, but also a real concern for the environment. They also love the beautiful and generous land of Provence and the Mediterranean Sea from which, with the complicity of oyster farmers and fishermen, they get the best.


A complicity that can be found in the plate

The beautiful meeting between the three chefs turned into a real friendship, a desire to work together and to see what the transcription of shared values into the plate could give. Thus, during your stay in Provence, you are invited to an exceptional six-handed dinner where each chef expresses his or her own personality and know-how, and where the inspirations blend together in an enchantment of flavors. Each detail is carefully thought out, each product is selected for its own qualities, to create a coherent and breathtaking sequence of dishes. 

The six-handed dinner of the chefs of Jardin de Berne and Colette restaurant is a great moment of gastronomy and conviviality. Don't forget to book for May 6 as soon as possible because places are limited!


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Restaurant Colette, a unique setting, a singular signature and a modern concept