Take a seat at the Chef’s Table

Take a seat at the Chef’s Table

Our chef, Philippe Colinet invites you to a special encounter at the Colette Restaurant. In the stylish and refined setting of the Hotel Sezz, you can make yourself comfortable at the Chef’s Table to savour an experience that is intriguingly gourmet-oriented, aesthetic yet friendly. Read on as we reveal some of what you can expect…


An exceptional setting

Every detail has been carefully considered at the Chef’s Table. First is its location. Away from the main room, enjoying an intimate atmosphere, you will be close to the kitchens. This means that throughout your meal, you will be able to admire the superbly efficient organisation, a veritable choreography, that is the sending out and serving of the dishes. The decor is just as delightful. The brushed oak table was designed by Christophe Pillet, the interior designer who masterfully created the look of the entire Colette Restaurant and the Hotel Sezz. The beautiful materials, noble and natural, create a cocoon of invitingly beautiful serenity that is totally conducive to the enjoyment of fine food.


And a charming encounter

The Chef’s Table is essentially an encounter with Chef Philippe Colinet. At the helm of the Colette Restaurant team, he has been able to make his mark by obtaining and retaining a Michelin star. He composes his refined cuisine aesthetic in accordance with the seasons. Throughout your meal, he will drop by to chat with you, share his experiences with local producers, and tell you about his research into reducing the environmental impact of gourmet cuisine. Finally, he has prepared for you a remarkable gastronomic experience with l’expérience citron. A multi-sensory adventure built around the citrus fruits that grow in the gardens of the Hotel Sezz...


When the Hotel Sezz and its Colette Restaurant reopen on May 5th, you are invited to the Chef’s Table for a privileged encounter with Philippe Colinet. Conviviality and culinary excellence are on the menu!


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