The new gourmet offerings from Chef Colinet

The new gourmet offerings from Chef Colinet

For three years now, our chef Philippe Colinet has been embarked upon a fascinating journey exploring flavours and presentation and the results have enchanted our guests and earned the Colette restaurant its first star in the Michelin Guide. For this new season, the chef and his team offer you two menus, the Originel and Substantiel, designed to highlight the produce of our region.


Highlighting the produce

Carefully crafted and refined, the cuisine of our chef Philippe Colinet is designed to highlight produce of exceptional quality and enable it to express all its flavours and textures. Cultivating aromatics, herbs, flowers and citrus fruits in the garden of the Hotel Sezz, Philippe also meets with local artisans and producers and forges gourmet partnerships. Lemon is, in a way, the leitmotif of his creations. You will find it with asparagus and tuna, with squid, accompanied by risotto, and even in a magnificent rainbow cake for an indulgent dessert.


Two menus in six and seven acts

In his Originel menu, Chef Colinet expresses his passion for vegetables. In a succession of six creations, he works his culinary magic with the wonderful vegetables of Provence, alternating zucchini and tomato, artichoke and cauliflower. For dessert, the exquisite taste of Cogolin strawberries is enhanced with basil, while the fennel surprises us in a play of sweet and savoury. The Substantial menu takes you back to the heart of Mediterranean cuisine, where seafood such as oysters and squid, and land delights such as capon and pigeon, are linked. To finish in indulgent style, the two desserts contrast in flavour and texture between the tangy note of lemon and the warmth of chocolate.


The two new menus of the Colette restaurant of the Hotel Sezz invite you on a journey to the land of the senses. Borne by a refined and subtle aesthetic, each act of the Originel and Substantiel menus is based around the essentials of noble produce.


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