All the benefits of Provence on our table

All the benefits of Provence on our table

Chef Philippe Colinet never stops putting plants at the heart of his creations. Loving the beautiful and good products, those that are born on the land of Provence, he takes advantage of the winter months to meet those who grow them.

Getting out of winter

Far from being a tasteless period, winter offers beautiful delicacies. Spinach and chard, fresh garlic and new carrots create an array of tastes that sublimate the rich and generous Mediterranean cuisine of the cooler season. But it is of course with great impatience that we find in March the asparagus, a must in our region. It prepares the arrival of fennel, perfect with fish, and young zucchini and their delicate flowers, to be enjoyed in melting fritters. And to enhance these flavors, Chef Colinet sources his vegetables from the Plantation de Seed in Grimaud, a few kilometers from Saint-Tropez, as well as herbs and flowers from Bodo, a herbalist and naturopath in Cogolin. 


And what about fruit?

Clementines are gradually giving way but lemons are still very much present. Grown on the terrace of the Sezz Hotel, it never ceases to inspire Chef Colinet, who of course combines it with fish, but also dedicates certain dishes to it. The arrival of spring of course marks the return of the strawberry. The Serre du Plan in La Garde produces particularly fleshy and fragrant ones. A regressive effect guaranteed! And hardly the time to enjoy yourself when cherries and apricots are already announced...


The artisans of Provence cultivate and maintain old varieties which guarantee a fruit and a vegetable of very high quality. It is from them that Chef Colinet draws his inspiration and finds the best products that you will taste at the table of Restaurant Colette!


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