We have more than doubled our wine cellar capacity!

We have more than doubled our wine cellar capacity!

The Michelin-starred restaurant Colette is constantly reinventing itself so it can offer its guests an extraordinary gastronomic experience. The creativity of our chef, Philippe Colinet, and the well designed and serene setting of the Hotel Sezz are at the heart of this experience, but we must not forget the magnificent selections of Joffrey, our head sommelier. Our cellar now has twice as much storage capacity, bringing you even more options and allowing you to embark on an even wider-ranging discovery of grands crus and lesser-known brands.


Our new wine cellar

Until recently, our cellar had a capacity of around 200 bottles with which to serve the restaurant. Although this allowed us to offer a very wide choice, it still limited our head sommelier in his selections. That's why we did some reorganising this winter that enabled us to multiply the storage capacity of our wine cellar by 2.5, bringing it to 500 bottles. Enough to keep plenty of true gems in ideal conditions!


A wine list true to our values

Through his superb cuisine and the management of his team, our chef Philippe Colinet upholds his values day after day. Supporting local and artisanal savoir-faire, organic and seasonal products, and short supply chains, he has forged lasting relationships with many producers in the region. Reflecting these values, our wine list offers many references in Côtes-de-Provence, IGP Var, Maures and Bouches-du-Rhône as well as organic wines. These local wines happily stand shoulder to shoulder with the greatest champagnes and classic vintages from Burgundy, Bordeaux and all over the world.


You’ll find yourself enchanted by the wide choice offered by the Colette’s wine list. Want to discover a new appellation? Interested in tasting an exceptional bottle of a cru classé? Or perhaps you simply want to be surprised by an amazing food and wine pairing? Place your trust in the head sommelier at the Colette restaurant of the Hotel Sezz! You won’t regret it!


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