The flavour-filled jams of Le Mas des Confitures

The flavour-filled jams of Le Mas des Confitures

Breakfast is incomplete without some good jam, that's what we say! And as we don’t intend for a moment to deprive you of this delicious and indispensable breakfast accompaniment, we have chosen the divine creations of Le Mas des Confitures to add their fine flavours to your first meal of the day.


A family story

The name of the brand - Le Mas des Confitures - evokes a taste of childhood, ripe fruit, old stones drenched in honeyed hues by the southern sun and, bubbling on an open fire, the copper pot from which arises hauntingly sweet scents. And it is indeed in homage to such a childhood, to a grandmother who was herself a magician of jam, that two brothers, Stéphane and Fabien, set up their artisanal family business. Installed in the Montpellier area, they choose, peel and slice the fruit, add sugar, and keep a loving and patient eye on the traditional-style cooking.


Sun-kissed fruit

With love and care, the two brothers are involved in each stage of the creation of their flavourful and traditionally prepared jams. Working with local producers, they choose the sweetest apricots, the most fragrant strawberries, the most delicate raspberries. The fig is picked at maturity, the orange is, like most of the ingredients, grown using environmentally friendly methods. And while the cherry or mandarin is bubbling gently, Fabien and Stéphane search, strive, experiment and create. They mix orange and mango, gelling - wonderfully! - thyme, lavender, even basil! Adding just the right amount of rosemary to flavour the peach and apricot, they taste the spice mix - it's perfect! - that they will blend with the banana.

Thus, a family tradition continues, a recipe book is enriched, a taste shared, which you are sure to appreciate when you sit down to breakfast at the Restaurant Colette!


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