Suggestions of the day; the attention to detail of our Chef!

Suggestions of the day; the attention to detail of our Chef!

It’s our pleasure to take a little time on behalf of our Chef to introduce you not only to his seasonal menu but also draw your attention to the delicious suggestions he offers every day. These are pleasant indeed, but vary, depending on seasonal availability, possible combinations and, most importantly, the mood of the Chef!


Barbecue in the spotlight

Speaking of our Chef’s mood, the most prevalent aspect is his sheer unbridled enthusiasm! Take barbecue, for example; he loves the sight, the sounds, the aromas, the touch of this method of cooking and it all influences his choices. Today, Black Angus sirloin, freshly grilled and perfectly garnished with a delicious mashed potato enhanced with a hint of thyme, plus fleur de sel and peppers. Yesterday was marinated swordfish grilled on embers. Tomorrow, ah, tomorrow ... We'll see! Rumour has it that the words milk-fed lamb have been heard in the kitchen ... But our lips are sealed, of course!


Freshness, refinement and seasonal produce

The kitchen keeps its secrets, but nothing prevents assumptions, or speculation, even wishes and dreams ... We know that the Chef cooks only seasonal produce; the fine foodstuffs he sources from local producers or are offered to him by his favourite butcher. So, it’s a safe bet that the Aubrac beef will find a place of choice on the grill, alongside its Galician cousin, also mouth-wateringly succulent. We would also wager that a fish dish will be offered every day, as well as a vegetarian creation. It's time to fry the tomatoes, glaze the courgettes, melt the aubergines and crisp the onions. The mixed greens are on hand and the olives are puréed ready for the tapenade ... And let’s not forget the summer truffle ... Succumb to temptation with these suggestions of the day!



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