Your feedback on the Restaurant Colette

Your feedback on the Restaurant Colette

“Magical”, “dream décor”, “well looked after”, “exquisite desserts”, “succulent dishes” ... The comments you left us on Tripadvisor warm our hearts. What a pleasure it is to have the privilege to please you!


Welcome acclaim

Your first kind words are often about your welcome, which is described as polite, attentive, considerate, smiling and even incredible! It’s true that we make it a point of honour to receive our guests as we ourselves would like to be received. The atmosphere of the Colette, in keeping with the rest of the Hotel Sezz, is certainly chic, but especially friendly and obliging. For what would any setting, however enchanting, be without human warmth?


Delicious dishes

In the dining room, on the terrace, by the pool; your comments come from the four corners of the Colette! And we are happy (and even, let's face it, a little proud!) to read about your satisfaction with the dishes we offer. The meats - tender, excellent, extraordinary - are particularly appreciated, as are the desserts you like for their freshness and creativity. The wines and the professionalism of our sommelier are also applauded.


For a happy and relaxed atmosphere

We are particularly delighted to have created, both with you and for you, an atmosphere that is at once elegant and warm, chic and family-friendly, professional and relaxed, and in which everyone feels good. You particularly appreciated the service, as efficient as it was attentive and kind. You loved to find yourselves in a real holiday setting, cocktail in hand, relaxing between the swimming pool and the palm trees or admiring the robe of a grand cru while soft music played, and discreet service was provided. You've discovered a seasonal platter marrying tradition with the zest of creative madness of a team always looking for flavours that pique curiosity. You entrusted us with the happiness of your evening. Our only wish is to prove ourselves worthy, listening and attending to your desires in the season to come.



Restaurant Colette, a unique setting, a singular signature and a modern concept