Focus on one of our seasonal desserts: Fraise (Strawberry)

Focus on one of our seasonal desserts: Fraise (Strawberry)

Nestled in the heart of the beautifully designed Sezz in Saint-Tropez, our starred restaurant the Colette offers you, under the leadership of our chef Philippe Colinet, a menu that makes excellent use of local and seasonal produce. We have already had the opportunity to introduce you to several artisans who inspire our chef with their superb produce. Ferdinand, a market gardener, is one of them. We present to you the Fraise (Strawberry)!


Nature and inspiration

Ferdinand is based in La Garde near Hyères in the Var, a few kilometres from Saint-Tropez. His speciality is strawberries, which he cultivates with love and care. Thriving in the fertile soil under the Provençal sun, they have a simply sublime fragrance and flavour. Philippe Colinet immediately wanted to create a dessert that would do them justice. For the visual side, he took inspiration from the shapes of oak bark he saw during a walk in the Massif des Maures. Thus was born this magnificent dish in which a cluster of fine meringue sticks flavoured with strawberry powder is mixed with a daring strawberry and tarragon sorbet as well as an airy mousse of strawberry pulp ...


A balance of flavours

Strawberries that are both sweet and tangy are often sufficient on their own and therefore challenging to combine with other ingredients. Yet Philippe Colinet has brought them together with tarragon and the result is simply divine. This contrast of flavours is underlined by a play of textures involving the crunchiness of the meringue, the fondant of the sorbet and the nebulous lightness of the mousse, all enhanced by small pieces of fresh fruit. Both light and full of surprises, the Fraise dessert is the perfect conclusion to a dinner in which all the Mediterranean flavours are fully expressed.

Our chef Philippe Colinet enjoys great encounters, especially those with artisans who, through their savoir-faire and love for their profession, create remarkable produce. Ferdinand's strawberries are an outstanding example of this, and it is only natural that the chef has dedicated a creation to them.



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