Zero waste in the kitchen!

Zero waste in the kitchen!

At the Hotel Sezz and the Restaurant Colette, we are working to significantly reduce our environmental impact. As you will see when you come to stay, we favour sustainable and low-energy solutions and recyclable and natural products. The commitment is the same in the kitchen, where we aim for zero waste as much as possible. Here is an overview of our solutions.


Every action counts

For Chef Colinet and his entire team, the environment is a daily concern. This is reflected in his culinary creations, which always favour local and seasonal produce. Drawn to the incomparable flavours of their produce as well as their good practices, the chef carefully chooses the artisans and producers from whom he obtains his supplies. But his commitment does not stop there. In the kitchen, the goal is to limit the production of waste as much as possible. An approach that goes hand in hand with the gastronomic excellence expected of a restaurant honoured with a star in the Michelin Guide.


Everything is useful in the kitchen!

Whether it’s peelings, scales, bones, tentacles, nothing is lost, and everything is transformed. Indeed, each item of so-called ‘food waste’ has its place and use in the Colette kitchen. Vegetable peelings are added to broths and sauces to enhance their taste. They can also be dried and then ground into a powder, along with other unused parts of vegetables, to serve as a seasoning. This is true for tomatoes, onions, asparagus and more. We also extract a refreshing flavoured vegetable water from them. Fish bones and scales are used in sauces while squid tentacles make excellent crisps. Even cuttlefish ink is carefully collected to work its magic on the accompaniments.


Zero waste is a strong commitment to the environment, inspires a different way of working with ingredients and presents a great opportunity to broaden the palette of flavours! Discover the results when you dine at the Colette!



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