Zero Waste: A culinary and environmental commitment

Zero Waste: A culinary and environmental commitment

In the heart of Saint-Tropez, Hotel Sezz and its restaurant, Le Colette, combine luxury, gastronomy, and environmental responsibility. With a strong commitment to zero waste, Chef Philippe Colinet and his team demonstrate that culinary excellence can coexist harmoniously with environmental preservation. Discover how...


Every gesture matters

At Hotel Sezz and Restaurant Colette, reducing environmental impact is a daily concern. Sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, along with the use of recyclable and natural products, take precedence. In the kitchen, Chef Colinet and his team aim for zero waste, a approach in line with the restaurant's gastronomic excellence, honored with a Michelin star. The deliberate choice of local and seasonal products reinforces the commitment to environmentally friendly cuisine.


In the kitchen, everything is useful

In the kitchen of Restaurant Colette, each element has its place, following the motto "nothing is wasted, everything is transformed." Vegetable peelings enhance broths and sauces, while unused parts are dried and ground into powder, creating unique seasonings. Fish by-products, such as bones and scales, enrich sauces, and even squid tentacles transform into delicious chips. The ink from cuttlefish is carefully collected for bold culinary experiments. This zero waste approach is not only an environmental commitment but a source of inspiration to broaden the flavor palette, offering diners a rich and innovative gastronomic experience.


A partnership with Les Alchimistes

We have established a crucial partnership with Les Alchimistes to achieve our zero waste goals. Their collection system, with sanitized bin rotation, ensures efficient waste management, with traceability and valorization in short circuits. Our teams have been trained to sort efficiently, with support from our partner, Les Alchimistes, for signage. Furthermore, their transformation of food waste into quality compost fertilizes our local Azure lands, thus closing the cycle in a sustainable manner. This partnership reflects our commitment to the environment and the community.


Chef Philippe Colinet's zero waste commitment not only provides an exceptional culinary experience but also testifies to a different and respectful approach towards natural resources. During your visit, immerse yourself in this unique gustatory adventure, where each dish tells a story of creativity, sustainability, and culinary excellence. Experience responsible luxury at Hotel Sezz and Restaurant Colette in Saint-Tropez.



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