Vegetables in the spotlight on our menus

Vegetables in the spotlight on our menus

Our chef, Philippe Colinet, who leads the Colette restaurant brigade, has once again received a Michelin star. This distinction rewards the committed choices made by the chef in his efforts towards a refined and aesthetic cuisine that places the produce, and more specifically the vegetable, at the heart of the kitchen. Discover our new seasonal menus.


During the day

For the daytime, chef Colinet has designed a menu to cater to your small cravings and big appetites in which finesse and freshness combine in the service of bringing out the best in the flavours of the local produce. Try the focaccia accompanied by tomatoes, thyme and olives, with olive oil from the Baux region. The rustic ratatouille is to die for. This perfect match is the result of close cooperation between Philippe Colinet and the region’s producers throughout the year.



In the evening, you can discover Originel, our menu in five acts. Each step of your tasting will lead you to discover an ingredient enhanced by the creativity of the chef. The flavours of lettuce, zucchini, artichoke and potato are intensified by Mediterranean seasonings. Emphasis is also placed on zero waste. Every part of the vegetable is used, and that which would otherwise be discarded is integrated into sauces or broths. And you’re sure to be surprised at the end of your meal by the dessert called Tomate, in which sweet and savoury blend in an explosion of remarkably balanced flavours. Of course, we are happy to suggest the food and wine pairing to enhance each dish.


Although seafood and beautiful cuts of meat remain essential on the table of the restaurant Colette, the chef’s creative touch with vegetables awaits your discovery. Using the best of regional produce, while following the rhythm of the seasons and applying the secrets of Provençal herbs, our chef Philippe Colinet and his brigade invite you to enjoy exquisitely delicious surprises...


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