Three reasons to dine at the Colette

Three reasons to dine at the Colette

Of course, we could start this list by telling you about the decor of the Colette restaurant. Nestled in the heart of the Hotel Sezz, it is open to the warm light of Saint-Tropez. We could also mention the many awards the restaurant has received, such as a Michelin star, a guarantee of the excellence of the chef and his team. But we’d like to focus on some other aspects…


Reason #1: Our Chef Philippe Colinet

Arriving at the Colette in 2020, chef Colinet quickly found his place and left his mark on the kitchen and menus of the restaurant. Accessible, warm, and showing a willingness to share his experience and knowledge with his team, he places the product at the heart of his creations. He takes advantage of the off-season months to meet with the artisan producers of the region. Thus, his aesthetic and refined dishes, rich in Mediterranean flavours, tell an entire story.


Reason #2: Commitment

The substantial gastronomic menu is more of an initiatory journey than a simple gourmet discovery. From basic ingredients, the chef prepares exquisite creations that take you from surprise to revelation. In an eco-responsible approach to haute cuisine, he works daily to design zero-waste dishes, grow his own lemons, use local and seasonal produce and promote an environmentally friendly approach at each stage.


Reason #3: Location

A superb example of contemporary design, the Colette restaurant is located near the centre of Saint-Tropez and a hundred metres from the world-famous Plage des Canoubiers, the beach that seduced the writer Colette back in the early 20thcentury. Dining at the Colette restaurant is thus part of the cultural backdrop of this Provençal port that has become a gathering place for artists and stars...


From the personality of the writer watching over the premises to the creations of chef Colinet, the Colette restaurant truly has a soul that will make you want to come back again and again!


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Restaurant Colette, a unique setting, a singular signature and a modern concept