The Sezz gets in on the tapas craze

The Sezz gets in on the tapas craze

As the beautiful days arrive, what could be better than a few pleasurable moments spent over aperitifs? Enjoy the summer sunshine around the pool at the Colette restaurant. A lounge atmosphere with a DJ and cocktails and tapas on the menu!


Gourmet mini-bites for maximum pleasure!

Legend tells us that, during the 19th century, an Andalusian innkeeper had the idea of ​​covering his customers' glasses with a thin slice of chorizo ​​or ham to protect them from insects. The delicacy was then consumed with the wine, giving birth to the first tapas. In fact, the word tapas came from the verb “tapar” meaning covering! 
Now that we’ve shared this little historical gem, the Sezz invites you to nibble on some of these mouth-watering appetisers. Synonymous with warmth and friendliness, order a selection of tasty tapas to share. Discover our gourmet tapas offers and let your taste buds be exhilarated at lunchtime or in the evening. An explosion of dazzling flavours, these mini aperitifs are as festive as they are tasty! The Sezz tapas menu take you on a fabulous journey between land and sea, with platters of toast and verrines, gambas, sardines, smoked salmon, shrimp, foie gras and Iberian ham.


A lounge atmosphere around the pool

Imagine for a second, sitting by a superb swimming pool, nibbling on tapas in the shade of palm and olive trees in the heart of Provence. Relax and enjoy the lounge atmosphere as you sip delicious cocktails with evocative names – the classic Singapore Sling, the Hawaiian Sunset, or the Hurricane, to name but a few. Some enjoy fruity concoctions while others prefer decadent drinks made with rum, Champagne, gin, martini or other liqueurs. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this idyllic scene to a backdrop of ambient music – our DJ is ready to cast his spell every night in July and August and at weekends in June and September.



Restaurant Colette, the somptuous restaurant of Sezz Saint-Tropez