The Secrets of the Wine Cellar at Restaurant Colette: Between Tradition and Discovery

The Secrets of the Wine Cellar at Restaurant Colette: Between Tradition and Discovery

Restaurant Colette, a Michelin-starred establishment, is renowned for its elegant ambiance and exquisite cuisine. Beyond its refined dishes, Colette conceals a treasure: an exceptional wine cellar. With over 500 meticulously selected bottles, the wine cellar at Restaurant Colette is a haven for wine enthusiasts. Sommelier Nicolas Bensimon, the master of this domain, invites you on a sensory journey between tradition and discovery.

The Richness of Terroirs: An Eclectic Selection

The wine cellar at Restaurant Colette is a tribute to the diversity of French and international terroirs. The shelves are brimming with vinous treasures, from prestigious grand crus to hidden gems, each bottle telling a unique story. Among the jewels of the collection, you'll find bottles of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Aloxe-Corton, and Château de Fieuzal, showcasing the expertise of winemakers and the richness of terroirs.
Sommelier Nicolas Bensimon prides himself on selecting wines that captivate the senses. Each bottle is chosen for its ability to enhance the chef's starred dishes, creating food and wine pairings that delight the palate. Whether you are an enlightened connoisseur or a curious novice, Nicolas will guide you in your choices, passionately sharing the secrets of each wine.

An Oenological Journey with Every Meal

Beyond simple tasting, each meal at Restaurant Colette transforms into a true oenological experience. Guests are invited to discover the stories of the winemakers and understand the subtleties of different crus, thanks to the detailed and passionate explanations of Nicolas Bensimon. This immersion allows for full enjoyment of each wine, in perfect harmony with the chef's dishes.
The cellar at Restaurant Colette is an endless discovery, where each visit promises new surprises and emotions. The selected wines, whether red, white, or rosé, offer a palette of flavors and aromas that delight the most discerning palates.
The wine cellar at Restaurant Colette is much more than a mere collection of bottles: it is a celebration of the art of wine. Between tradition and discovery, it offers guests an unforgettable sensory experience, orchestrated by the talented sommelier Nicolas Bensimon. Dive into this fascinating universe and let yourself be carried away by the magic of wines carefully selected for their excellence and unique character.

Visiting the wine cellar at Restaurant Colette is embarking on a journey to the heart of terroirs, a gustatory adventure where each bottle is a promise of pleasure and discovery.


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