The plants of the Sezz

The plants of the Sezz

We don’t talk much about them as much as we should and yet they are essential to the beauty of the setting and the serene ambiance that we have established at the Hotel Sezz Saint Tropez and its Restaurant Colette. We refer, of course, to the plant life that honours us with its presence; the flowers, trees and shrubs that fill the gardens, perfume the spaces and shade the terraces. Roses, palms, fruit trees and more fill our world with colour and calm. It's time to introduce them…


Where to begin...

With the roses, of course! There are the simple, almost wild ones, whose single row of pale pink, white or yellow petals open to embrace the first rays of the sun. By their side the Iceberg rose coolly displays its ethereal loveliness, while the foliage of the climbing Pierre de Ronsard climbing rose disappears under a profusion of pearly petals. Meanwhile, the yellow and orange blooms of the bulbines illuminate the perimeter of the pool while the multicoloured asters, the purple tulbaghia and the flamboyant leonotis – also known as lion’s tail - punctuate the lawns with their bright hues.


A harvest of fruit

As for our palm trees, we’re delighted to introduce you to the beautiful Butia from South America, the Phoenix date palms that shade the edge of the pool with their generous leaves, and the shrub-like Chamérops. Due to the Mediterranean climate, citrus fruits rule at the Sezz! Orange trees, kumquats and lemon trees bloom and then yield exquisitely delicious fruits, but it’s the apple tree’s delicate blossom that announces the arrival of spring.

Finally, as we have no secrets from you, we’ll clue you in that at the back of the hotel is a garden in which grows... a pistachio tree! But don’t expect a huge tree covered with nuts, no... It's a small tree bearing large red berries. Harvest in September!



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