The Colette Restaurant: A Michelin Star and a Vision for 2024

The Colette Restaurant: A Michelin Star and a Vision for 2024

Nestled in the heart of Saint-Tropez, the Colette Restaurant proudly celebrates the renewal of its Michelin star, a prestigious distinction that recognizes its commitment to culinary excellence since 2021. As we prepare to reopen our doors on Friday, May 3, this reopening signifies not just a new beginning, but also the announcement of a season marked by innovation and inspiration.

A Renewed Recognition

The maintenance of our Michelin star is more than an honor; it is proof of our relentless pursuit of perfection. This award highlights the passion and expertise of our chef, Philippe Colinet, and the entire team, who work hand in hand to provide an incomparable gastronomic experience, blending boldness and tradition.


An Inspired Vision for 2024

The period of closure was an opportunity for Chef Philippe Colinet to reflect and draw inspiration for the future. Enriched by museum visits, readings, and travels, he envisions the year 2024 focused on an approach that is even more respectful of the environment and on zero waste. Working closely with local producers and market gardeners, such as Yann and Sidney, and in partnership with Les Alchimistes for the valorization of bio-waste, the Colette Restaurant commits to a decidedly eco-responsible approach. Inspired by the Mediterranean, an inexhaustible muse, Chef Colinet promises culinary creations rich in colors, flavors, and textures, reflecting his vision and respect for our planet.
The Colette Restaurant is preparing for an exceptional season, full of challenges and discoveries. Our renewed Michelin star and our vision for 2024 are testimonies of our dedication to the culinary arts and our environment. We look forward to welcoming you back to celebrate high gastronomy and innovation together. Join us for this new gourmet adventure in Saint-Tropez.


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