The bittersweet end of the season!

The bittersweet end of the season!

Once again, the summer season has passed at full speed in Saint-Tropez and the Hotel Sezz is already closing its doors until next spring. Similarly, the Colette restaurant is switching over to winter mode and Chef Philippe Colinet is already working on creating new wonders for the 2023 season!


2022: confirmation

The 2022 season was launched in the best possible way, beginning as it did with the confirmation of the restaurant’s rosette in the Michelin Guide. This prestigious award highlights the work of Chef Colinet, of course, but also that of his team. Throughout the season, they have worked together to offer superb cuisine that highlights the produce of the region. Appealing, aesthetic, both simple and complex, it has won over more and more gourmets. And even though fatigue inevitably begins to assert itself in the autumn, the general feeling of the team is one of satisfaction with a job well done and impatience to start a new adventure together.


Chef Colinet's winter

A period of calm and reflection, winter is an opportunity for Philippe Colinet to maintain his relationships with producers in the region and establish new ones. He listens to and talks with the market gardeners, livestock breeders, oyster farmers, fishermen and other producers and artisans of Provence. From these partnerships will be born the gourmet and elegant dishes that will electrify your taste buds next summer. It will also be the time to renew the composition of the team and welcome new people who will bring their individuality to add to the whole.


Gathered at the edge of the swimming pool under the large parasols at lunchtime or in the refined and designer decor of the restaurant dining area to peruse a tempting menu, you have shared with us some highlights during the summer of 2022. Join us in the spring of 2023 for new taste wonders!


Photo: Agence Webcom

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