The best salts and peppers in the world

The best salts and peppers in the world

The secret of any dish’s flavour relies on the addition of salt and pepper to reveals the food’s full dimensions. The salts and peppers carefully selected by Restaurant Colette are worthy descendants of spices that are several millennia old. We’re pleased to share some secrets with you. 


Salt – an inheritance that dates back thousands of years

Salt consumption is thought to have begun more than 6000 years before Plutarch, that famous thinker of Ancient Rome who said, "salt is a food that makes food that would be unnecessary without it necessary." There are many different types of salt, starting with Viking salt from Egersund; a culinary legacy from those formidable warriors, it has a smoky aroma and flavours of sea spray that blend perfectly with potatoes and salmon. Persian blue salt is a fossil salt with a remarkable sapphire colour and crunchy crystals that give any dish a festive air. Hawaiian black salt is natural and artisanal, it is rich in activated carbon and transforms dishes with a dressing that is both baroque and vibrant. Restaurant Colette also offers one of the world’s most precious salts - the "Jewel of the Himalayas” is the purest salt in the world. It was once reserved for gods and emperors and was originally brought from Kashmir by Alexander the Great.


Peppers, the lords of the table

Pepper originated in the historic cradle of south-western India, the Malabar coast. There was a time when this rare and expensive spice was used to pay taxes or ransoms before it became an everyday essential on our tables. At Restaurant Colette, we select only the best peppers from around the world such as Penja, an African pepper with camphor, incense and leather aromas that reveal the flavours of beef, foie gras, duck breast and finely poached fillets of fish. We reserve the black Kampot pepper, pearl of the Cambodian kingdom of Angkor, for guinea fowl, game and mint sorbets! Cubèbe's Indian pepper, with its delicate aromas of sweet spices and resin is the ideal choice for lobster and chocolate / mint desserts.



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