Summer Recipe: Lobster Tartare

Summer Recipe: Lobster Tartare

Patrick Cuissard is the chef who creates the menu and prepares the most delicious dishes for you at Restaurant Colette. This month, he invites you to discover one of his favourite recipes: lobster tartare with sublime aloe vera jelly and lime and nori seaweed sorbet!  Try it, it’s easy to make at home...


Prepare your ingredients...

Here’s what you need to make your own lobster tartare:
-  3 half lobster tails, peeled and cooked (320 grams)
-  5cl Pensato Lemon oil 
-  1 chopped shallot
-  ½ teaspoon Nori seaweed powder
-  1/6 lime zest
-  Salt and pepper

To accompany your lobster tartare, this is what you need to for the lime and nori seaweed sorbet:
-  250g of water
-  30g of sugar 
-  50 g of glucose
-  ¼ tsp of nori
- 150 g of lemon juice 
- 120g of olive oil
- Salt and pepper

To make the aloe vera jelly with lemongrass to go with your dish, you’ll require:
-  350g of water
-  100g of sugar
-  4g of sticks lemongrass
-  250ml of Aloe vera juice 
- 3 sheets of gelatine

Finally, to enhance your dish and give it an enchanting finishing touch, you’ll need:
- Nori seaweed 
-  Chervil
- Olive oil with lemon
- 1 crystallised lemon or dried lime


Follow these simple steps...

To start, you need to prepare the aloe vera jelly. Heat the water, sugar, and lemongrass together. After a slight reduction, add the aloe vera and gelatine, which you have rehydrated in water. This will form the base of your finished dish.  Pour into the bottom of a shallow dish and leave it to chill while you continue with the recipe.
For the sorbet, you need to heat the water, and glucose until the mixture is boiling. Once that’s the case, add the nori and remove from the heat. Wait 30 minute to allow all the flavours to infuse. When the mixture has cooled, run it through a blender with the lemon juice and olive oil.  The final step in your sorbet preparation; season to taste and put the mixture into an ice cream maker.
Now for the main part of the recipe; Roughly chop the lobster tails and mix with the other ingredients. Seasoning is the key to the best flavour!
Now you need to assemble all the separate elements to complete your dish. Carefully place the lobster tartare in a circle on the bed of aloe vera jelly. Sprinkle with nori seaweed powder. Add a scoop of sorbet, drizzle with olive oil and garnish with a few sprigs of chervil.  Finally, decorate with slices of crystallised lemon or lime.
Enjoy your meal!



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