Summer à la carte

Summer à la carte

Summer is well underway in Saint-Tropez and, with it, comes a delicious procession of sunny flavours. As usual, chef Nicolas Gautier and his team in our Colette restaurant have devised a menu that will delight the most discerning diner. 


A Gourmet World Tour

Our chef favours local seasonal produce and invariably chooses ingredients of the highest quality. He prefers Aubrac and Charolais when it comes to French beef. However, he also likes Scottish Aberdeen Angus which is renowned for its exceptional tenderness, American Black Angus and the incomparable Wagyu beef from Japan.

Lamb, always Sisteron, is seasoned with the aromas of the Garrigues, while Iberia pork is enhanced with soy, lemongrass, rice vinegar and ginger in a nod towards the Land of the Rising Sun.  The exciting marriage of world cuisines, particularly those of the Far East and the Mediterranean, can also be found on the fish menu. Pistachio and calamansi accompany Arctic char cooked in freshly-churned butter, skewers of prawns are marinated in lime, sake and lemongrass and tuna tataki is a journey to the heart of Japan.


A Homage to Orchards and Gardens

Provençal cuisine, just like the cuisine of Italy and Spain, gives pride of place to local fruit and vegetables.  Baked baby potatoes, colourful farandole of tomatoes, chervil and purple poivrade artichokes are small wonders of simplicity that bring taste and freshness to summer dishes. We should also mention the divine wine list.  To fully appreciate these fine wines, our chef suggests that you accompany each dish with a glass of the wine that he feels is best suited to its nuances of flavours. Finally, those with a sweet tooth will enjoy sampling exquisite seasonal treats like creamy mango, juicy reduction of Oblacinska cherries and, a surprise guest on the menu, a sublime orange tarte Tatin!


Restaurant Colette, the somptuous restaurant of Sezz Saint-Tropez