Succumb to the sweet notes of the Colette's desserts

Succumb to the sweet notes of the Colette's desserts

A true haven of delicious indulgence in the heart of Saint-Tropez, the restaurant of the Hotel Sezz, the Colette, invites you to an exploration of the senses which finds its culmination in the sweet delights created by its chef. Glorious textures, flavour fusions and wonderful surprises await you. The fruits of the season are used to their best advantage and classic desserts are reinvented ... Give in to temptation !


Redefining the concept of desserts

Like everything on the Colette menu, the desserts rely on a perfect alliance between the subtlety of simple ingredients and the touch of exoticism and originality that allows them to be highlighted and brings out their full potential. Thus, the caramelised apples flourish under the notes of almond milk and the freshness of ginger sorbet. The sweetness of the meringue explodes in the tangy flavours of the lemon in sorbet, cream and marmalade. Chocolate and coffee play the extremes with alliances of cream, mousse and ice cream.


Try, dare, enjoy

Among the many surprises awaiting on the dessert menu the chef has concocted an astonishing combination of strawberry and beetroot. Through subtle textures, the fruit meets the root to bring forth the best aspects of both. In the same vein, avocado and yuzu are married in a sweetened combination highlighted by the presence of roasted pineapple and coconut. Whatever the dessert chosen, the finesse and elegance of the presentation and the colour palette give each dish the air of a masterpiece ... one that you will simply be unable to resist tasting !

A short distance from the centre of Saint-Tropez and its beaches, the Colette has created an elegant, beautifully designed and resolutely modern flavour paradise at the edge of the swimming pool. You are invited to relax and enjoy an inventive and irresistible cuisine. Prolong the pleasure with a dessert !