Side dishes and garnishes to bring out the fullness of flavours

Side dishes and garnishes to bring out the fullness of flavours

At the Restaurant Colette, we love beautiful cuisine and the finest ingredients. To bring out the best in all flavours, it’s good to choose the side dishes and garnishes that will enhance them and complement their qualities. Here are some very appetising accompaniments that will add the perfect finishing touch to your meat or fish dishes.


Meat ‘dressed’ and ready to satisfy

The meat dishes at the Restaurant Colette are served with vegetable accompaniments, homemade sauces or marinades that are well worth your full gastronomic attention. The tenderness of the beef of French origin is emphasised with delicious fondant potatoes or Sezz-style grenaille potatoes. The Chef has mastered the art of preparing them with smoked paprika, garlic, thyme and sesame seeds. The different meats also form a winning team with roasted carrot.

The Wagyu filet is served with a succulent mashed potato with summer truffle, also called the truffe de la Saint-Jean, which is distinguished by its distinctive hazelnut flavour. Our various grilled kebabs go together in perfect harmony with their accompanying vegetables, mushrooms and grenaille potatoes.

These pairings and accompaniments are, of course, only suggestions because the meat menu offers a wide and varied choice of side dishes and garnishes to delight your taste buds. Whether red or white, the meat can be escorted by assorted vegetables, a fricassee of vegetables with Asian flavours or a simple mashed potato with butter that will leave you with fond memories of its wonderful flavour.


Seafood is always well accompanied

It’s not just meat that receives such attention to detail. The fish dishes served in the Restaurant Colette are always the result of a particularly studied enrichment of the basic ingredients, embellished in an original way so that they release all their delicious voluptuousness in the mouth. The very Asian hamashi amberjack combined with crispy nori seaweed, the bluefin tuna and ravioli with fried vegetables and the roast turbot and grilled mini-vegetables testify to an upscale culinary triumph.

Bringing together sophistication and simplicity, our side dishes and garnishes made of the finest seasonal ingredients will bring authentic pleasures to your palate.