Restaurant Colette - desserts to die for

Restaurant Colette - desserts to die for

The summer season ends and is replaced with an Indian summer whose soft light invites peace and serenity. Perhaps you feel a touch of nostalgia as the fading sun sets over the sea. Maybe you long to feel the hot sunshine on your skin once more before autumn. It’s the ideal time to settle yourself on the terrace of our Colette restaurant and allow yourself to be carried away by our dessert menu!


A dash of summer flavour

We'll start by delving into the delights of early summer and the delicious combination of oblacinska cherries, soft cheese and matcha tea for a heady contrast of flavours and textures. Then comes the exotic sweetness that is created by a delicate blend of light creamy mango and coconut espuma enhanced by pineapple and mango in brunoises and wrapped in a delicately scented layer of vanilla and combawa. Finally, late summer always brings a harvest of juicy red fruits that are ideally accompanied by a simple coulis, whipped cream and strawberry ice cream.

Followed by a touch of autumn

We herald the start of autumn with an irresistible dessert based on our marvellous Solliès figs. Marmalade, Chantilly cream, elderflower, chestnut and honey enhance this beautifully fleshy “Appellation d'Origine Protégée” fruit. Our chef's Tatin is another seasonal favourite; this sumptuous tart marries caramelised royal gala apples with spicy cinnamon, Bourbon vanilla and fruity calvados and it's served with a scoop of pecan ice cream. Finally, for those insatiable foodies and gourmets who can't bear to finish a meal without chocolate, a superb chocolate mousse from Cuba. Autumn obliges again and nuts are added to the mousse to create an explosion of crispness and icy creaminess. A little gem to enjoy while the sun illuminates the Gulf of Saint-Tropez in the red rays of twilight.



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