Provence lamb, a guarantee of quality on your plate

Provence lamb, a guarantee of quality on your plate

Lamb lovers will be delighted to learn that their favourite delicious meat is in the spotlight at the Restaurant Colette. Ours comes straight from Provence and has all the goodness of the region’s terroir, a definite guarantee of excellence.


A lamb for all seasons

Although this fine red meat is often reserved for celebratory meals, there is no reason why lamb cannot be cooked and enjoyed on a daily basis. Shoulder, leg, loin, breast, best end, chump, shank ... lamb offers numerous cuts with names as varied as the ways of cooking them. True to its reputation as a refined meat, lamb has a place of honour in the kitchen! In truth, all occasions lend themselves to savouring this tasty meat, oven cooked or grilled. The menu of the Restaurant Colette by Sezz reveals all the flavours of lamb in its subtle recipes steeped in the essence of Provence. Olive oil, marjoram, thyme and savory add the flavour notes to our chef’s culinary symphony.


Sisteron lamb, born and raised in our Provencal lands

The best breeds of lamb are raised here in the heart of a privileged environment; a Provence rich in traditions. The menu of the Restaurant Colette invites you to discover the flavour of Sisteron lamb, also called César lamb, a meat that is characterised by its delicacy, smoothness and sweetness of taste. The pastures of Provence, the historical cradle of French sheep farming, have provided good grazing to our woolly friends for more than 600 years. The Sisteron lamb, an appellation granted only to certain hardy breeds, feeds on the grass of the Crau grasslands that stretch up to the high Alpine ranges. Since 1995, it has benefited from the famous Label Rouge indicator of superior quality in terms of production and taste and a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) since 2007.