Our fish specialties, from the sea to your plate

Our fish specialties, from the sea to your plate

The Restaurant Colette continues to please passionate piscivores! If you’re a lover of the fine flavours of fish, bear in mind that our menu offers no less than five dishes featuring fish that have been freshly caught, so they still have the full measure of flavour and succulently delicate flesh. Our original and creative recipes will take your taste buds on a voyage across seas and oceans.


Fresh products presented with superb culinary savoir-faire

Here at the Restaurant Colette, amidst a comfortable and welcoming setting, you are invited to savour our superior in-house cuisine and gourmet specialties based around the freshest products. Just take a look at the seafood section of our menu. The dishes have been artfully designed and masterfully prepared by our chef, who provides his own distinctive versions of such seafood delights as monkfish, bluefin tuna, turbot and prawns. We buy, fillet and prepare only fish that has been freshly caught in our Mediterranean waters. Even if you’re not already a fish lover, our tasty and inspiring recipes will seduce you.


Our fish specialties are an ode to the sea

The Var coast is the fortunate beneficiary of a variety of products offered by its warm sea waters. At the Colette, fragrant monkfish in a tasty saffron broth comes with mini-vegetables in a pot-au-feu. Tuna is prepared using tataki, a Japanese cooking method in which the fish is seared only briefly over a hot flame so that the inside is mostly raw, thereby keeping all its flavour and softness. The grilled prawns have a touch of exotic flavour thanks to the coconut milk, sake and lemongrass that enhance the taste of their deliciously tender flesh. The chef also favours carnaroli, the prince of Italian rice, a delicate-tasting, medium-grained white variety grown in the Pavia region of our eastern neighbour. It goes beautifully with our divine prawns, asparagus and tomato confit, the flavour awakened by the subtle taste of Parmesan cheese and the smooth creaminess of mascarpone.