One star in the Michelin Guide for the Restaurant Colette

One star in the Michelin Guide for the Restaurant Colette

If you’re a regular at the restaurant Colette, the news will certainly come as no surprise… Our chef Philippe Colinet and his team have just received their first star in the Michelin Guide! An accolade that we are all proud of and wanted to share with you.


The reward for a journey, an approach ...

In 2017, chef Philippe Colinet was acknowledged by the famous gastronomic guide, thus crowning an exemplary career in the finest French restaurants by receiving one star, along with Jean Bardet, Alain Couturier and Michel Bigot. This year, here at the Colette restaurant, Philippe’s exemplary savoir-faire and creativity has been noticed and celebrated again. Maintaining close connections with artisans and producers, our chef strives to honour local flavours and offer an aesthetic cuisine that has great finesse. Grilled oyster with cream of shallot, roast pigeon and Guanaja chocolate are the specialties that have been particularly noted by the Michelin Guide ...


... and a team!

However, while it’s customary to associate the star with the chef, we must not forget that the exquisite dishes created here are the result of synergy. In the brightly appealing designer setting of the Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez, the Colette restaurant has an atmosphere that is both warm and refined. From the serving crew to the kitchen brigade, everyone pledges themselves to a vision of Mediterranean gastronomy and fine service; the project of a man who knows how to unite the talents of his team. That’s why we want to credit them all with this wonderful recognition and congratulate them on their commitment. We also give a tip of the chef’s toque to the local producers, fishermen, market gardeners, olive growers, goat cheese makers and other artisans with whom the chef works every day in his quest for the highest levels of quality and finesse.

We look forward to seeing you from April 23rd, 2021 and celebrating with you this first star of the Colette restaurant! Chef Colinet will offer you his specialties and delicious surprises.



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