New Delights at Restaurant Colette: The Arrival of Pastry Chef Morgan Bienvenot

New Delights at Restaurant Colette: The Arrival of Pastry Chef Morgan Bienvenot

In the kitchen of Restaurant Colette, a fresh breeze of creativity fills our sweet creations with the arrival of Morgan Bienvenot, our new pastry chef. Coming from a family of passionate restaurateurs, Morgan brings with him a rich culinary tradition and an innovative approach to pastry. In perfect harmony with the philosophy of our chef Colinet, he embraces and enhances our commitment to zero waste, transforming each ingredient into an exceptional gastronomic experience.

A Sweet Collaboration

Morgan and Chef Colinet have jointly designed a dessert menu that reflects their shared passion for responsible and inventive gastronomy. The desserts, delicately less sweet, allow the natural flavors of the ingredients to fully express themselves, creating unique and memorable taste experiences for our guests. Every choice on the menu is the result of thorough thought, aiming to surprise and satisfy with its finesse and originality.

Innovation and Tradition in Harmony

With experiences in prestigious establishments, Morgan has developed expertise in pastry that combines technical precision and creativity. His approach, which prioritizes the optimal use of each product, demonstrates a sensibility that is both modern and respectful of traditions. The dynamic between Morgan and Chef Colinet is marked by excellent rapport, a shared vision that translates into every dessert offered at Restaurant Colette.

We invite all dessert lovers to come and discover the new creations of Morgan Bienvenot. Let yourself be carried away by a dessert menu where innovation meets tradition, and where every bite promises a sensory exploration. At Restaurant Colette, be prepared to be surprised and delighted by a series of culinary masterpieces that push the boundaries of traditional pastry. Experience a place where every dessert is a love story between art and indulgence, and we are excited to share this passion with you.


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