New Culinary Horizons at Restaurant Colette: The Original & Substantial Menus

New Culinary Horizons at Restaurant Colette: The Original & Substantial Menus

In the heart of Saint-Tropez, Restaurant Colette is reinventing itself with the introduction of its Original and Substantial Menus. Combining creativity, respect for traditions, and environmental commitment, these culinary offerings reflect Chef Philippe Colinet's pursuit of both responsible and remarkable gastronomy. Experience a taste adventure where vegetables and citrus take center stage, illustrating a quest for the perfect balance between flavors, textures, and aromas.

The Praise of Vegetables: A Journey into the Heart of Flavors

The Original Menu is a true homage to the plant kingdom, with each dish celebrating the earth. More than just a succession of dishes, this menu is an invitation to explore the depth and diversity of vegetables. Imagine finishing your meal with lightly poached asparagus in a vanilla broth, presenting a harmony between sweetness and floral notes. The dish is accompanied by a watercress sauce, a fresh herb that grows by rivers, and a vanilla espuma, all sprinkled with caramelized hazelnut pieces to add a crunchy touch. The vegetable tartlet is another revelation of the menu, mixing fennel, strawberry, radish, and peas in a light vinaigrette, enriched with a touch of vanilla and enlivened with a herb sorbet. It is an experience that reinvents the role of vegetables in our diet, transforming them into the protagonists of an unforgettable feast.

Lemon and Chocolate: A Substantial Duo with Bold Contrasts

The Substantial Menu celebrates citrus, particularly lemon, in a multitude of forms, embracing its ability to awaken the taste buds. The introduction of black lemon and yuzu, reduced to powder, allows for an explosion of intense flavors and an aroma that envelops each bite. Chocolate, in all its richness, is explored from the bark to the cocoa beans, offering unparalleled depth to desserts. The originality of this menu also lies in the use of the cocoa bean bark to create an infused broth, served chilled as an accompaniment, illustrating Chef Colinet's commitment to zero waste. This menu is not just a tribute to the taste complexity of lemon and chocolate; it is an adventure where each dish tells a story of textures, temperatures, and flavors, ending the meal on a refreshingly bold note.

Through the Original and Substantial Menus, Restaurant Colette does more than offer culinary experiences; it invites its guests to reflect on the very nature of gastronomy. Under the guidance of Chef Philippe Colinet, these menus are bearers of a vision where creativity, respect for seasons, and eco-responsible commitment come together to provide exceptional moments.



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