Meet our chef, Nicolas Gautier

Meet our chef, Nicolas Gautier

The mimosas are adding a dash of colour to the coast, a sign that spring is not so far away. And with the spring comes a new season full of promise at the Restaurant Colette! Promise made deliciously tangible by our chef, Nicolas Gautier.


Nicolas Gautier, a chef of international experience...

We have had the honour and pleasure of Nicolas being our chef for several years. Before he came to us, he used his considerable skills and creativity in prestigious establishments in Mallorca, Ibiza and Nottingham. However, Nicolas actually comes from the Périgord region, which is not really all that far away. Over time he has filled his chef’s tool kit with all manner of talents so that he can now work his culinary magic with ingredients and flavours from all over, but his birthplace continues to inspire him in his gastronomic endeavours. A Périgord speciality is, of course, duck, and our chef’s skill with foie gras brings together tradition and modernity.


A chef who favours local produce

The way our chef enhances foie gras with rhubarb is irresistible, and his Blackmore Wagyu beef tataki is simply unforgettable, but for Nicolas Gautier it’s all about locally grown seasonal produce. These are the ingredients with which he prefers to work. From the Jardin de la Piboule, located in Cogolin, he sources his supplies of fruits, vegetables and even flowers, because he considers fennel an essential element of his creativity. He gets micro-shoots from the village of Grimaud and these serve as accompaniment to ... No; we must retain the element of surprise! You will just have to be patient and await a menu that is resolutely contemporary while being respectful to the ingredients, how they’re produced, and those who nurture them. It’s a menu whose mere anticipation is a thrill for the taste buds!



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