Invite Argentina to your table with parrillada

Invite Argentina to your table with parrillada

Parrillada! The flavours of a distant land in a word, a dish that evokes the Pampas and the culture of Argentina. Restaurant Colette invites you to taste this exotic dish that is made from prime meats. Grilled over a wood fire, this specialty for two is the restaurant’s signature dish and can be enjoyed in a chic, design setting at the Sezz.

An Argentine tradition comes to Saint-Tropez

Our Colette restaurant is an oasis of well-being, an Eden dedicated to the art of good living and gastronomy. Since arriving in the kitchen, Chef Patrick Cuissard has continued to compose signature dishes that delight customers and which are served in an ideal setting. In keeping with the hotel's image, he cultivates a kitchen where discreet luxury and authentic flavours reign, particularly those from South America.

Argentina, famous for being the land of prime meat and barbecue, has huge green spaces dedicated to breeding. Livestock has a rich and varied diet that gives the meat its special flavour. In the land of the gauchos, a social bond is formed around the asado, or barbecue, a tradition that raises the simple grill to the rank of national dish and social phenomenon. Thus the parrillada and the chimichurri became pillars of Argentinian gastronomy. 

La Parrillada, the signature dish of the restaurant Colette

Argentina is well represented on the Colette menu with authentic parrillada for two people, grilled over a wood fire exactly as it is in Salta. This grilled medley consists of delicious pieces of meat including chicken, finest fillet of beef and duck prepared and cooked in front of you. The parrillada is accompanied by corn pancakes, and chimichurri, a mixture of sweet pepper, chilli peppers, parsley, garlic and other exotic spices that only the chef knows the secret of, is a must. It’s a visual show and a culinary journey that you will especially enjoy on summer evenings as you tuck into your parrillada in a warm and festive atmosphere to the sound of live music or a DJ set. 


Restaurant Colette, the somptuous restaurant of Sezz Saint-Tropez