Iberian ham, bring Spain to your table !

Iberian ham, bring Spain to your table !

So, you think you know all the culinary traditions of the Iberian Peninsula? Patrick Cuissard, chef at Restaurant Colette may end up surprising you! The Sezz restaurant in St. Tropez is a must for sophisticated carnivores. In an attractive area surrounded by pines, palm and olive trees, the chef chooses to honour outstanding products such as 5 Jotas Iberian ham which is brought from Seville and which will leave a particularly delicious footprint on your memory. Iberian ham «5j cinco jotas»/lomo/pan con tomate is the traditional way and you’ll savour it with relish!


The Iberian ham, a legend in Spanish gastronomy

Iberian ham, also called Pata Negra ham, plays a leading role in Spanish gastronomy. Also known under the name jamón Ibérico de bellota (Iberian acorn ham), it is obtained from pigs with black skin and hooves (which gives them their nickname Pata Negra). The pigs are raised free range to a maximum age of 24 months in the Dehesa, a pasture land in the heart of a unique ecosystem that stretches from western central Spain to the Alentejo region of Portugal. The animals are fed on acorns, roots, wild fruits, mushrooms and various plants and herbs and it’s this completely natural diet and respect for purity and tradition that gives products such as ham its exceptional flavour and aroma.


Pata Negra 5 Jotas, a divine taste of nature suggested by the Chef 

The relentless pursuit of the culinary Holy Grail, plus his commitment to offering his customers the very best, led Patrick Cuissard to the centuries old Sevillanas 5 Jotas cellars where he uncovered fabulous treasures. There were no vintage drinks to be seen here; just endless rows of hanging hams slowly ripening, preserved like jewels, in keeping with the whole Iberian Pata Negra culture. Always the aesthete, the Grand Master added Iberian ham to the menu. Restaurant Colette continues to offer guests an innovative range of exceptional products sourced from the 4 corners of the earth. His rich menu explores new textures, original and exotic touches in a tribute to Spain that will thrill the palates of both the curious and the connoisseur.


Restaurant Colette, the somptuous restaurant of Sezz Saint-Tropez