Discover the olive oil of our restaurant Colette

Discover the olive oil of our restaurant Colette

In the elegant and refined surroundings of the restaurant Colette, our chef Philippe Colinet invites you to discover his delicious and aesthetically pleasing dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. If you follow him on social media and our website, you’ve already been introduced to some of the artisans he works with. Today the focus is on the exquisite and healthful green nectar we call olive oil.


The essential PDO olive oil from Baux de Provence

The partnership between our chef Philippe Colinet and Xavier Alazard of Carré des Huiles is a natural. Xavier, heir to a long family tradition, has been engaged for ten years in a production process that focusses on excellence and in working closely with the greatest French chefs. It begins with the choice to use sustainable agriculture in a preserved environment. The brand’s 3,000 olive trees, planted in 17 hectares of grassy groves south of the Alpilles, represent local varieties and are cultivated with respect for the natural cycle of the earth before being harvested by hand. This exceptional heritage produces a variety of supremely fine oils. All the better to complement the creations of Philippe Colinet!



Carré des Huiles oils on your plate

On the menu of your Colette restaurant, you will find all the flavours of superb Mediterranean produce; fish, meat, freshly picked vegetables, cheeses... Olive oil, a true symbol of this gastronomic area, reveals every nuance and highlights them. Full of character, it must be handled with a light touch to deliver all its subtleties without compromising the finesse of the final product. All the savoir-faire of our chef Philippe Colinet is thus expressed!

Chef Colinet and his restaurant Colette team look forward to meeting you at the launch of the new season on April 23rd. In the meantime, keep following us and discover our favourite artisans ...



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