Close to the restaurant Colette, the house of the great writer...

Close to the restaurant Colette, the house of the great writer...

When it was time to select a name for the restaurant of the Hotel Sezz, the choice was an obvious one as the brilliant writer Colette and her strong personality had made such an impact on Saint-Tropez. Let us introduce you today to La Treille Muscate, the house in the famous Baie des Canebiers where Colette lived for almost 15 years, a few hundred metres from the restaurant which honours her memory.


Colette and Saint Tropez

Colette had a strong affection for the French Riviera and settled in Sainte-Maxime for a while. However, when she discovered the house that would become La Treille Muscate, it was love at first sight. Neither particularly prestigious nor particularly elegant, the place she describes as a “small house, low rise” nestles on a large plot of land planted with fruit trees and flowers. It extends to the sea and the peaceful Baie des Canebiers, which was relatively deserted in Colette’s day. This magnificent setting inspired several of her works such as Bella-Vista, Break of Day and Prisons et Paradis.


The spirit of Colette

By choosing to name the Sezz Hotel restaurant after Colette, the teams wanted both to honour the writer's passion for Saint-Tropez and to celebrate the bright, committed and liberated personality of this extraordinary woman. Living without constraints, assertive, giving free rein to her passions and her loves, she expressed her creativity in many fields and made a major mark on her times. She was known to offer accommodation and food to fellow creatives such as the photographer Dmitri Kessel and the painter André Dunoyer de Ségonzac, who found a welcoming table and a sympathetic ear at La Treille Muscate.

A love for Saint-Tropez and the succulent fruits and vegetables of Provence, the desire to innovate and be free from the constraints of time; the restaurant Colette shares these values ​​with Colette, a woman whose brilliance and free spirited attitudes were so right for Saint-Tropez…



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Restaurant Colette, a unique setting, a singular signature and a modern concept