Chef Colinet presents his female team

Chef Colinet presents his female team

When did you set up your team for the 2022 season?

I usually start recruiting in February. Between spontaneous applications, recruitment and word of mouth passed between seasonal workers, the team was put together fairly quickly! 
I take plenty of time for each job interview so I can get to know the candidates. I was delighted to be able to assemble a great team despite the labour shortage currently affecting the hotel industry.


How many people does your kitchen team consist of?

Counting all the roles, this year the team consists of 16 people. It’s an almost all-new crew apart from my second, Clément, and my chef pâtissier, Aurélien, who were present at my side last year.


Does the team comprise more males or more females?

This year, I received a lot of applications from females! I have always tried to have a gender balance among my teams because that way we are all complementary in the kitchen and in the pâtisserie.


What is the profile of your female recruits?

My collaborators all have a great professional background! They are passionate young women, having worked with great chefs in prestigious starred establishments. Lovers of beauty, eager to please, they have a sensitivity that goes perfectly with my cuisine and my culinary universe. I always say that my cooking has feminine notes, and I like to work with people who have a certain artistic sensibility.


What are their strengths?

They are efficient and conscientious collaborators. They listen and have a different vision and approach to the product.


Would you introduce them to us, please?

Certainly. This year, I am pleased to welcome 4 new collaborators to my team.
We have Julie, sous-chef de cuisine, Léa, chef de partie in the pantry, Léa, demi-chef de partie in patisserie, and Fleurane, demi-chef de partie in meat. I hope to retain them for the next season in 2023!


Photo: Agence Webcom

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