Cheeses - gourmet products from our terroirs

Cheeses -  gourmet products from our terroirs

If France is recognised for its gastronomy, it’s fair to say that it’s also recognised for its cheeses. Over 450 varieties of hard or soft cheese, with parsley or herbs or made with fresh, raw or pasteurised milk - there are cheeses to appeal to all tastes.  End your meals at Restaurant Colette with a delicious food that is as tempting and fragrant as a mountain pasture.


After the meat course, the cheese board

Have you tried the delicious grills of meat, poultry or fish cooked over the parrillada fire at our Colette restaurant? Be sure to keep some space for cheese!  A veritable mosaic of flavours and textures, the French cheese platter at Restaurant Colette is unique. Sample flagship cheeses that take you on a gastronomic journey through some of our most famous terroirs. You’ll love our regional selection of fresh, refined cheeses and the menu also features treasures from our Provencal terroir that extends to the Cévennes and Auvergne countryside.


The treasures of our mountains come to the peninsula 

Our suggestion – at the end of your meal, try Banon, a small cheese made from raw milk to authentic ancestral recipes on the farms of the Alpes de Haute Provence. Perhaps your heart will lean towards the Picodon, a soft goat cheese with a natural crust that was born somewhere between the Cévennes, Ardechoise, the Rhone Valley and the Préalpes Drômoises. Let yourself be tempted by the Gaperon from Basse-Auvergne or by the Chaource, a pure product made with whole cow's milk. Or, perhaps you’ll succumb to the Templar Galette, a raw goat's milk curd from the Alps of Haute Provence, not far from Sisteron. We’re sure your senses will know where to head?


An exceptional supplier

Josiane Déal received the price of Meilleur Ouvrier de France cheese maker in 2004. In 2010, she received honors from Wall Street Journal ranking her among the 4 best European cheese makers. She offers in her dairy of Vaison la Romaine in Vaucluse more than a hundred of farm unpasteurised cheese that she selects with her husband, a cheese maker too.



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